Open University of Catalonia

Pérez, Adoració and Marta Enrech. “A Virtual Library: Defining Library Services for a Virtual Community.” In Libraries Without Walls 3: The Delivery of Library Services to Distant Users, edited by Peter Brophy, Shelagh Fisher, and Zoë Clarke. London: Library Association Publishing, 2000, 98-107.
The Open University of Catalonia (OUC) was developed to answer the needs of today’s students, especially those unable to attend a traditional university. In keeping with the entirely virtual nature of OUC, the library was created as a virtual library. The authors offer a brief overview of both the campus and the library. Using the same technologies that enable the creation of a university community online, the library offers resources of many different types. For example, the library catalog not only lists the items available, it actively connects users to the materials. There are locally created collections, as well as Internet delivered databases. To complement the virtual services, a full range of physical services allows students access to the full library experience. B. Reiten.

Prezatarcon, Adoracio. “Virtual Library: A Real Library?” Staff and Educational Development International 6, no. 1 (2002): 75-86.
Online networks show great promise to expand educational opportunities for a broader student population, but also pose significant challenges to the educational community. A case study of the Open University of Catalonia analyzes new roles librarians perform in an online, virtual environment. Topics discussed include new types of learners, an increase in the number of library users, reference services, and access to databases. J. Brandt.