Ferguson, Anthony W. “Chinese Television University Library Resources and Services.” Collection Management 26, no. 4 (2001): 43-57.
Chinese Television Universities (TVU’s) are study centers where students view taped lectures and receive supplemental instruction. TVU libraries, the focus of this summary of doctoral research, are described in terms of their resources, staff, services and perceived importance. The author was surprised to find that although students did not regard libraries as necessary to pass tests in an exam-oriented educational system, most students still regarded libraries as important. Among the reasons students gave for valuing libraries were the need for more information in order to be competitive and productive in society and the desire for more information of interest to them. Barriers to library use were identified and included lack of time, limited understanding about libraries, and inadequacy of library resources. While the study found that most TVU students indicated a need for better TVU libraries, they felt that other problems with TVU’s were more pressing. J. Markgraf.