Adams, Chris. “The Third Canadian Off Campus Library Services Survey – 1999.” Saskatoon, Sask.: University of Saskatchewan, 2000. 123 pp. ERIC ED 449 806. Also online: Available: http://www.cla.ca/divisions/cacul/offcampus.pdf (in pdf format)
Results from a survey of Canadian university and college libraries describe the growth and development of services for off campus students since previous surveys were conducted in 1984 and 1988. While the response rate for colleges was low and possibly not representative, the data indicate a majority of university libraries provide off campus library service. The results of the survey are broken down into a number of areas: size of programs; core collections; requests for items; requests for reference or subject materials; dedicated phone service; marketing; professional and support staffing; instruction; online searching; interlibrary loan; user fees; needs assessment; program evaluation; and funding. Collaboration with faculty in course development and cooperation with other libraries are also discussed. Drawing from the data presented, the authors indicate while the use of core collections and the availability of toll free telephone service have declined since the last survey in 1988, requests, instruction, and the level of staffing have increased. While the number of requests and access to services grew significantly, most programs still cost less than $20,000 per annum to run (excluding staff salaries). Data tables, the text of the questionnaire, and additional remarks are also included. J. Brandt.