Drew, Heather, Wendy Abbott, and Debbie Orr. “What a Web We Weave: Evaluating the Flexible Delivery of Information Literacy Education.” In Information Online 2001: Digital Dancing: New Steps, New Partners: Proceedings of the 10th Australasian Information Online Conference & Exhibition, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, 16-18 January 2001. Sydney: Information Specialists Division, Australian Library & Information Association, 2001, 395-417. Also online.
The web-based instruction programs used at three Australian universities were examined and evaluated to determine their effectiveness in meeting the information literacy needs of students. These programs were evaluated using standard two of the Association of College and Research Libraries information literacy standards that deals with students’ ability to access information in an effective and efficient manner. A number of qualities of good web-based instruction programs were identified and were also used to evaluate the programs. A survey instrument was developed and used to evaluate one of the three Australian university web-based literacy programs. Two versions of the survey were administered, one for students and one for library staff. From the survey results several issues related to web-based information literacy programs were identified including the usefulness and relevance of the program to specific courses, the customization of a program to institution specific resources, and the staff time needed to develop and maintain a program. Four appendices provide information about the three information literacy programs and the methods used to evaluate them. S. Heidenreich.